The Money Jar

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts


40pp 4-colour offset with two-colour interleavings, paper over boards casebound. 160 x 115.500 copies. ISBN 0 906630 15 0. For many years the one pound jar has been the measure for making, and buying and selling jam and jelly.For thirty years the punt or pound has been the largest coin in the Irish currency: this book serves as a marking of the transition from punt to euro.

€12.00 AB

Fredson Bowers & The Irish Wolfhound

JCC Mays


84pp 4-colour offset with printed endpapers casebound, embossed inlay on cover 190 x 140.500 copies.ISBN 0 906630 17 7. Jim Mays suggests that Anglo-American bibliography would be different if Fredson Bowers had not passed over the distinctive features of the Irish book as he theorised his subject. 'In the bucolic but still wild climes of South Tipperary, Fredson Bowers's wolfhound, ready defender of the flock of Anglo-American bibliographers,may meetup with another kind of wolf-hound, a dog crossbred with a wolf and ready to send the flock scattering' Marta Werner

€ op CB

I Build My Time

Kurt Schwitters & Klaus Stadtmuller


108pp letterpress and casebound 230 x 110.500 copies ISBN 0 906630 09 6. A performance script by Klaus Stadtmuller from all the texts written by Kurt Schwitters in English, which tangentially underpins a sequential history of the Merzbauten of Schwitters. 'First I combined individual categories of art. I pasted words and sentences into poems in such a way as to produce a rhythmic design.Reversing the process, I pasted up pictures and drawings so that sentences could be read in them.'

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The Printed Performance

Brian Lane Works


with Research Group for Artists Publications edited by Martin Rogers and Simon Cutts, with complete bibliography by John Janssen and texts by John Bevis, Bela Cunha, Simon Cutts, Susan Dunkley, Adrian Glew, Bill Harpe, Michael Lumb, Hugh Shrapnel, Maureen Tingey and Steve Wheatley. Designed by Colin Sackett. 176pp 4-colour offset paperback 210 x 150.1000 copies ISBN 0 95063 90 2

€15.00 CB