new books

Talisman and Signifiers

Ian Hamilton Finlay


52pp 205 x 130mm offset and stapled, with translucent interleavings between images.Graeme Murray Gallery, Edinburgh, printed by the legendary Stella Press, Hatfield, Herts, who did many of the Finlay publications of earlier years. 1000 copies.

€45.00 AB

Antony Gormley

Lynne Cooke


60pp 240 x 220mm 4-colour offset. Coracle Press for Salvatore Ala, New York. Almost the last days of innocence, detailing the earlier arte-povera workings to the bread and first lead pieces - a long way from the artists statement career-present coffee table catalogue now often found in landfill!

€35.00 C

The Delian Seasons

Jonathan Williams


34pp 200 x 140mm, with illustrations by Karl Torok. Unique form of perfect binding held in formed acetate sleeve, with painted spine edge. Postscript note beyond the poems by the author. Edition of 500 copies with 50 signed copies by the author and artist, this one being No.39 of that 50.

€35.00 P

The Coracle in Docking


12pp 155 x 115mm card cover and sewn, with map tip-in. Small brochure for the idea of a Coracle Centre to be made in Docking, Norfolk, from the beginning of 1983. The idea was never developed beyondan initial point, although the house and garden still exist and are used, and there have been several warehouses in that district. Printing took place from the late 1980's, the 1990's, and into the 2000's, as does the binding of books to this day with Stuart Settle in Oxwick.

€12.00 CB

With My Left Hand

Les Coleman


28pp 170x 140mm printed offset and stapled. White Lies Publications ISBN 0-907447-01-5, to ressemble a miniaturised school exercise book, with metric tables on back cover. 12 drawings of mundane deliberation of near ephemeral objects, done with the artists unused hand. Complemented by Erica Van Horn with her 'With My Left Hand' later on

€25.00 AB

New Work Made at Coracle Press



12pp 160 x 130mm photocopy with wrappers and stapled. Catalogue for an exhibition of books, cards, photographs and editioned objects, October 1st -22nd 1982, using a cover image found blowing in the doorway of Coracle Press. Curious collection of inmates of the press, and things made during the year.

€12.00 C