A Concertina of Concertinas


10-panel concertina 140 x 95mm, colour printed digitally and in acetate sleeve.Listing and description of most of the Coracle concertinas over the years.The concertina-form is always with us quietly, openly presenting its facets to the world. Packed away in a box or awkwardly stacked, or standing almost closed on the bookshelf, it may genuinely be the closest to sculpture the printed artefact ever comes. It may be endless in the way the column might have been for Brancusi, an archetype that can be applied to the gathering of parts, pehaps more versatile and certainly more casual than the codex, and as with sculpture, it often defies perspective when stood on a shelf. For Coracle, the concertina has also become the perfect format for the shorter illustrated essay, like this one as bibliography. Mostly, these later productions are printed digitally on Lambeth Cartridge cut to SRA3 size to fit the printer, and their multiple folds grooved and scored by laser from the folding machine - a new possibility from the folding to the middle, and to the middle again, by hand, of the earlier ones. Coracle offers this one by way of thanks to the collection of Stephen Perkins and his accordianpublications blogspot.

€10.00 CB/C/E