A History of the Airfields of Lincolnshire iii.2002


Seven slabs of concrete airfield runway support the text of cast anodised aluminium outside Skellingthorpe in Lincolnshire.SK934718.Athough this project was instigated by Visual Art Development at North Kesteven District Council and supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, its current status may be uncertain. It is placed along the former railway track which is now a cycleway maintained by Sustrans as part of the National Cycle Trail, and who may have recently repaired it.(See A History of the Airfields of Lincolnshire II New Books)

Aeolean Neon 1. After John Clare.2004


A neon illuminated by wind-power from a turbine attached to the roof of the small stone barn, with subsidiary power from a solar panel when there is no wind.What I relish about the Aeolean Neons is that they are working all the time even when you are not thinking about them, with no switching on or off.

I found the poems in the field and only wrote them down .Grid Ref.585001