Coracle 1992


240 x 170mm 16pp offset stapled in cover. Trade catalogue of selected books to date, and as in the 1991 version, cover image of the Heinz Factory in West London.

€25.00 C


Colin Sackett


64pp 175 x 120mm offset and stapled in plastic library sleeve.First published in 1990, with this second revised edition in 1992. as and of and with and within sections of this book were first published by Colin Sackett in 1984.

€25.00 AB

Coracle 1991


170 x 125mm 48pp offset in 3 colours, stapled with wrappers. The Heinz Factory catalogue - trade catalogue for selected Coracle publications to date with atmospheric pixilated separations by Karl Torok.

€20.00 C

A Brief Visual Inventory

Erica Van Horn


36pp 295 x 205mm photocopy, sewn in wrappers. Inventory of the furniture and objects in the Goretti Family house in via Perseto, San Casciano, Val de Pesa, where the artist lived during 1990. Printed on the unused stationery of the house and that of Galleria Victorio Miro in nearby Florence, which was the cause of its occupation. This is no.18 of an edition of 25 signed by the artist.

€45.00 AB

New York Hot New York Cold

Paul Etienne Lincoln


70 x 160mm. Folder holding explicatory cards and booklet, together with glasene banknotes of $5 bills, at the time of the display of the refrigerator machines producing ice banknotes in Galleria Victoria Miro, Firenze Italy in September 1990.

€50.00 C E

Jewels I Have Loved

Erica Van Horn


185 x 175mm. 28pp letterpress in 7 colours sewn and casebound with foil blocked cover. Coloured text lines inserted for the particular lost jewel, taken from the previous two versions of these texts and images, 1984 and 1985. copy no.98 of 200 copies, this one dedicated to the author's mother.

€45.00 W O AB