Certain Trees

Coracle et al


176pp 21.5 x13.8cms 4-colour offset sewn paperback. The Constructed poem, Book and Object 1964 - 2006.Centre des Livres des Artistes, St Yrieix la Perche, France. Catalogue for touring exhibition

€45.00 C / CB


Stuart Mills


16pp 25.0 x 21.0cms digital colour printed, sewn with wrappers. Aggie Weston's Editions 2004. an edition of 100 copies, this is no 7 signed. Further evidence of the Betjemaneque in the author's work!

€30.00 P / AB

Sonar Songs

Stuart Mills


28pp 14.5 x 18.0cms digital in 4 colours wire bound. 100 copies. Aggie Weston's Editions. 'For Sound Poets wherever they may be Intrepid Submariners of the Avant-garde'

€35.00 P


Erica Van Horn


16pp 15.0 x 10.5cms photocopy and letterpress in 2 colours, sewn in hand painted stiffener and wrappers. ed. of100 numbered copies.( 2nd edition of 150 copies, 2007 )

€25.00 AB

Domestic Pensées

Ian Hamilton Finlay


64pp 19.0 x 13.0 offset sewn and casebound, with marker ribbon and dust-jacket. With 3 tipped-in 4-colour images of Stuart Mills' photographs of Stonypath. Edited and with commentary by Stuart Mills, and dust-cover watercolour by Janet Boulton. ISBN 0 9548463 0 3. Aggie Weston's Editions. edition of 500 copies

€40.00 CB / P

Boats Cots Punts & Wherries

Thomas Cuddihy


80pp 18.5 x 10.5cms 4-colour offset with tipped-in embossed cover label, sewn and casebound. Facsimile of the Notebooks of boat-builde Thomas Cuddihy, with postscript, bibliography and glossary by Shay Hurley of the Workmen's Boat Club.

€40.00 C/W

A Birch Bark Peeling

Erica Van Horn


fc 15.5 x 23.5cms letterpress with tipped-in birch bark to interior. Second of two cards of birch bark peelings collected in New Hampshire in 1988.The two cards togetjer are contained in an edition named Two Peelings from 2004. ed. of 60