Coracle Press 1976 – 78


16pp 130.0 x 10.5cm, offset in cover and stapled. A catalogue of exhibitions shown and publications printed at Coracle Press during 1976 and 1977 and a calendr for 1977 and 78.

€18.00 C

for the voice

Stephen Berry


invitation card 15 x 11 cm, in fold of greyboard, printed letterpress in 2 colours with blind emboss and drilled hole. Sound and silence in artists' books curated by Stephen Bury at workfortheeyetodo, Narrow Street London E14, April 7th - May 14th 1994.

€18.00 E



leaflet 21 x 14cm photocopy, for the bookspace at the time of The Artists Bookfair, November 1996

€10.00 E

Damaged Nature Auto Destructive Art

Gustav Metzger


invitation card 13.5 x 11.0 cm letterpress in 2 colours, for exhibition at workfortheeyetodo September 29th - December 2nd 1995.

€18.00 E