A Letter-Wrack for an Old Pal

Simon Cutts


Folded card construction with 2 tabs inserted, printed letterpress in 2 colours and hand-coloured 95 x 100mm. 'The whole disaster of my life, is, in a way due to the possibility of writing letters. Not the letters I received, but the letters I sent.' - Franz Kafka

€30.00 E/O

The Blue Tunnel

Simon Cutts


Single issue from Blue Tunnel newsheet, 297 x 210mm, with b/w photograph of Picasso collage object and quotation and translation by the author from Apollinaire's 'Les Peintres Cubistes' : nor has the acridity / of tobacco / replaced the savouriness / of food // not the horror / of war / diminished the plasticity / of the tank.

€20.00 CB / P