Portrait Photographs

Jonathan Williams


80pp 210 x 190 printed letterpress with 30 x 4-colour offset tipped-in photographs. A quarter-bound casbound and slip-cased special edition with an original photograph of Basil Bunting, signed by Jonathan Williams, of the poet at Briggflatts Meeting House in the 1970's. Also a regular edition of 1800 copies, also sewn in sections with a soft cover and translucent wrapper in card slipcase.Portraits in text and photographs of thirty figures of music, art and writing encountered by the author over the years. Printed on Glastonbury Antique Laid paper, and one of the last books to be bound with animal glue, with its particular fragrance in combination with paper.

€185.00 special / 60.00 regular CB/W/Ph

Moschatel Press

Thomas A Clark and Laurie Clark


20pp 105 x 140mm letterpress in 2 colours hand-stitched with wrappers over boards, with illustrations by Laurie Clark and incisive preface by Alan Tucker. A chronological catalogue of the work of the press to date, shown at Coracle Press in December 1979, and containing the frontispiece of the Getrude Jeykll photograph ' A Wood Pool / Best Let Alone'

€18.00 C/AB

Green Guage

Martin Fidler


36pp 150 x 115 printed letterpress with wrappers over boards and tipped-in illustrations and title labels, sewn in sections by machine.No.23 of 200 copies. some problems with glue-work and its show through.

€35.00 AB

Ceremonies : Number One

Brian Lane


Folded card 145 x105 printed letterpress with appended photograph with corner mounts. 'At 11.30am on March 2oth 1979 Deborah Squires married Brian Lane at the Camberwell Registry Office, Peckham Road, London S.E.15'.No.36 of 100 copies of an occasional series of documents.

€20.00 E/Pr

Twelve Pieces

Richard Wilson


36pp offset 205 x 190mm. Twelve photographs of the tensioned wall sculptures suspended on the page as the works were displayed of the walls of Coracle Press between January 6th and 31st 1978. Photographs by Mick Williamson. An edition of 500 copies, this being no.204

€30.00 C

Ice berg Scholar ship

Simon Cutts


portfolio with ties 245 x 160mm, containing 38pp letterpress unbound leaves in sections, printed in 2 colours with tipped-in cover image and frontispiece by Kay Roberts. Edition of 75 signed copies, Circle Press 1978.

€65.00 AB/P