For an Album

Simon Cutts


7 poems. 8pp 270 x 210mm. stab-stitched printed by dyeline process. Cover by Kevin Bayliss. Poems largely collected in 'A New Kind of Tie' in 1972, and containing a venacular translation of Jules Laforgue's 'Rigueurs a nulle autre pareilles'. First jottings as from the objective-correlative school, pre-Trent Bookshop days!

€18.00 P

Tarasque Magazine


Tarasque Press, The Trent Bookshop. mimeo, offset and letterpress, stapled 205 x 170mm. Issues available 2 3 4 6 7 8 9. Contributors include Spike Hawkins, Stuart Mills, Simon Cutts, Hugh Creighton Hill, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Robert garioch, George Mackay Brown

€25.00 each P/W