A Short Essay on Ephemera

Simon Cutts


A Short Essay on Ephemera began as a response to initial questions posed by Steven Leiber for his book Extra Art : A Survey of Artists' Ephemera from 1960 - 1999 held at CCA Wattis Institute of Contemporary Art in San Francisco in 2001, and later at the ICA London. The essay became more developed as Some Coracle Ephemera, for Some Forms of Availability, RGAP and Granary Books 2007. The form here is that of a parallel-lined spiral, a typographical structure made by Colin Sackett in 2011. This was made for a cardboard drinks mat entitled A Beverage Coaster for the Ephemera Dealer Steven Leiber from the Bay Area, but never fully issued in that form. An edition of 25 porcelain plates, 25cm in diameter.

€80.00 O