Starting from Porte de Sevres

photo 1

We set off from the Porte de Sevres in cold bright sunshine. Walking at a good pace was essential because the wind was so sharp.  Hats and gloves were also essential. The neighbourhood made for a peculiar start. We were surrounded by the huge complex of buildings belonging to the Ministry of the Defense.  It seemed to be mostly involved with the Armée de l’Air.  We did not investigate.  We passed a bus stop with a shoebox sitting at one end of the bench.  It was a small shoebox and it was open.  Inside the box was a brand new pair of children’s shoes. Whoever bought the shoes must have been admiring them or showing them to someone else when the bus arrived.  Off they went on the bus and the new shoes got left behind. I wondered if they had just been left or if they had been waiting there all morning. I worried whether anyone would come back looking for them. I worried about them off and on for the rest of the day. On a less sad note, I was happy to once again pass the Cultural Center for Blind People and Their Friends.


Source: Starting from Porte de Sevres