Sunday Lunch


1 March Sunday

We were walking for hours in the bright cold. It was a fine thing to have no rain and no threat of rain. When we got hungry we started to look for somewhere to have lunch. We did not want a big lunch. We just wanted something to eat. We wanted to have the energy to keep walking and we wanted a little rest. We did not want to be weighed down by lunch. After a bit of menu-reading and more wandering and walking we stopped in a small Jewish restaurant. It was more like a diner than a restaurant. It was a kosher, and quite orthodox place. There was a rabbi blessing the food as it left the tiny kitchen. We ended up with falafals and cous cous and grilled chicken as well as salads. It was all light and just right for the walking day. Simon was the only man who was not wearing a yarmulke. If the other men in the restaurant were not wearing a yarmulke when they entered, the man in charge loaned them one to wear while they ate. Simon was not offered a yarmulke.EVH

Source: Sunday Lunch