The Pencil Shavings

Clarendon.the pencils of Takesada Matsutani

The assembly of the parts of the edition of the shavings continues at a slow pace, not aided by the box-maker who didn’t order the boxes, the post office who lost the invitation cards in transit, the white coat hire that has to be a purchase, one rubber stamp for the box-lid being too small. Shall I go on. Just the usual procrastinations in yet another place where the manufacturing base of light industry has disappeared in favour of consumer goods and tourism as a product. We will get there, by the 9th of March, and replicate the mechanics of a laboratory, with scales, white gloves, polished glass, and the sliding lids will be closed once and for all on part of the debris from Matsutani’s studio in Rue Faidherbe. SC


Source: The Pencil Shavings