With Wet Ink

ironmongery spare

25 February Wednesday

Today has been wet. It has been raining all day. It has been raining hard all day. There have been a lot of grey and drizzly days in the last few weeks but today is the kind of day that makes me happy to stay inside. I spent the day drawing with ink. I was drawing and re-drawing my same old pieces of rusted metal. I went across the street for coffee. Later, I walked out to buy more ink. Each time I thought about going some where further but each time I went back to my drawing. I was happy to look out the window at the people with their umbrellas. I was glad to see rain jackets and moving windscreen wipers and I was glad that my presence was not required anywhere out in the world. The city looked fine from the window. I was glad that the city was out there. I spoke to a friend who asked if there was not anything I wanted to draw here. My friend meant was there not anything in all of Paris that I would like to be drawing. My friend did not know why I should want to continue to draw the same rusted objects from the soil in Tipperary, especially since the objects are not here with me. I am mostly drawing the objects from other earlier drawings of themselves. She thought it odd that I should not adapt what I drew while in another place. I thought it odd that she thought I should adapt. I tried to explain that I do not want to draw Paris. I just want to draw. EVH

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